• Eye-Ruler 2

    Eye-Ruler 2: The Most Compact Measurement Device

  • M’eye Fit Mirror

    Introduction Thanks to its compact design and its 30° tilting screen, M’eye Fit Mirror is adapted to all dispensing tables. Plugged to your computer the mirror is immediately operational. The intuitive software will easily guide you through the different steps of measurement.

  • SWING4

    HIGH TECH MEASUREMENTS AT YOUR DISPENSING TABLE Lens technology is constantly developing, demanding increasingly precise measurements. Optimum visual comfort consequently relies on these measurements being calculated with care.

  • Visi Office 2

    ENHANCE YOUR PATIENTS’ EXPERIENCE WITH THE VISIOFFICE 2 SYSTEM: Cutting edge digital dispensing technology that delivers an accurate, precise, and consistent way to fit your ever-evolving patient needs. Over the last 50 years, the technology behind ophthalmic lens designs has greatly improved. Yet the way we fit and measure patients’ lenses has remained virtually the…