• Tonometer: ATNC 550

    Introduction ATNC 550 is a quiet and precise non-contact tonometer. It combines IOP measurement with corneal thickness data for a more reliable glaucoma screening. With its compact design and tilting screen, it fits perfectly in any practice.

  • Wave Analyser: WAM 700 PLUS

    Fully-automatic screening solution to streamline your practice. For complete anterior chamber analysis and vision need assessment. The Wave Analyzer Medica 700+ is a very intuitive, rapid and fully-automatic solution combining seven functions to simplify screening of patients’ eye wellness and provide detailed measurements for vision solution recommendations.

  • Wave Analyzer: WAM800

    Fully-automatic screening solution for a complete eye physiology analysis and visual needs assessment WAM 800 is a very intuitive, rapid and fully-automatic wavefront aberrometer that combines several technologies to enable the eye care professional to provide a comprehensive screening of the eye in less than two minutes. Glaucoma screening and monitoring Keratoconus detection Cataract screening…