Visioffice® 3

Measure every detail with Visioffice® 3.

Visioffice® 3 enables your practice to offer patients reflex vision by accurately measuring all physiological and behavioural parameters.


Highlight the in-store selection

Simplify your patient’s choice by taking photos and videos of them wearing different frames and compare them. This module is particularly appreciated by patients with a high correction.

Lens Personalisation

Obtain unequalled precision of measurements thanks to Activisu®’s 3D reconstruction technology, all in under 40 seconds. Offer a differentiating patient experience and demonstrate your knowledge.

Accentuate the value of personalised lenses

This interactive module compares the generic values for each measurement with the ones you have taken of your patient with Visioffice® 3. It allows you to explain in a simple and comprehensive manner the added benefits of a personalised lens, and also highlights your expertise.

Visual and realistic demonstrations

With new sourced content reflecting the evolving lifestyle of the wearers, choose from a selection of comparative videos to explain the benefits of various lens options and treatments.