Visioffice® X

Visioffice X is an optical measuring system that gives you access to state-of-the-art technology. Engineered with a number of different features, Visioffice X can transform your patients’ experience; and make sure they keep coming back.


  • Enhanced patient interaction
    Put your patient at the heart of the measuring process
  • Highly accurate measurements
    Measure to 1/10 of a degree
  • Personalised for each patient
    Offer a bespoke service every time

Visioffice X not only brings an exceptional optical measuring system to your practice, but can also help to maintain social distancing moving forward. The patient is at the heart of the measuring process, with vocal and visual instruction to allow each patient to really appreciate what it takes to achieve accurate measurements and the value of a personalised lens.

Visioffice X helps you to consider the anatomy and positioning of the eye, as well as each patients’ posture and the way they wear their frames. By taking into account these factors, along with 11 unique measurements for each eye, you can deliver bespoke lenses: all without physical contact between you and the patient.

How does Visioffice X work?

Multiple cameras
3 cameras work simultaneously to provide a 3D reconstruction of the eye-lens combination in the front and 3/4 views.

Markers for precision

The markers placed on the frames allow for the statistical analysis of the patient’s natural posture. The precision of the measurements is one-tenth of a millimeter and one-tenth of a degree.

Infra-red cameras

The 2 infra-red cameras provide you with the option of taking measurements  through tinted lenses without removing them.

High definition touch screen

1080×1920 resolution full HD touch screen makes it possible to see the tiniest of differences.

Multi-functional device

Dynamic point of sale function via its digital screen to help enhance the image of the practice and offer a more compelling experience in the front of the practice.

Fully interactive

Through vocal and visual instructions, the Visioffice® X gives the patient a greater appreciation of the measurements taken.