• Auto Kerato/Refracto Meter: AKR 300

    THOROUGH EXAMINATION Integrated periphery keratometry measurement for contact lens fitting. Cornea diameter, pupil & hard contact lens easy measurement. Instant access & display of last 10 measurements stored in memory. Assistant measurement function.

  • Auto Kerato/Refracto Meter: AKR550

    HIGH QUALITY MEASUREMENTS High measurement accuracy, even on small pupils. Guided alignment and auto-shoot : once focus is done, measurement starts automatically. Automatic pupil size measurement in scotopic and photopic light conditions. Tilting and swiveling screen to operate both in seated and standing positions.

  • Auto Phoropter: APH 550

    A SMOOTHER WORKFLOW Easy data transfer from AKR or lensmeter to streamline the flow of refraction data. One centralized screen to control phoroptor and vision tests in a smooth workflow. Automated functions and customizable protocols to optimize your personal test requirements Save and compare prescriptions in 2 clicks only.

  • Auto-Lensmeter ALM 500 / ALM 700

    GREEN LIGHT FOR PINPOINT PRECISION The ALM 500 and ALM 700 use a green light beam* that reduces measurement drift due to light deviation by the lens. Both measure all materials precisely and independently of the ABBE number. EXTENDED MEASURING CAPACITIES The ALM lensmeters measure all types of lenses and contact lenses, including class 4…

  • Auto-Lensmeter: ALM 800

    ALM800 Auto-Lensmeter: Unique combination of the latest lensmeter technologies UV transmission measurement Unique quantification and display of blue-violet light Interpupillary distance measurement Guided and automated prism marking Ergonomic use Data transfer to automatic phoropters and/or patient management software (EMR/EHR/PMS)

  • Consumables

    Essilor Instruments offers a range of tools , small equipment and consumables for your workshop, your refraction room and dispensing. The Essilor expertise for your daily needs. DOWNLOAD THE CATALOGUE HERE. 

  • Delta2

    PROFIT FROM A COMPACT, HIGH-PERFORMANCE SYSTEM THAT COVERS ALL THE ESSENTIALS All-in-one high-performance display to manage all edging tasks Extreme precision of the optical shape tracing (‘Place and Trace 3D technology’) Trace and edge all types of lenses, materials and coatings, up to base 6 Intuitive and ergonomic navigation 3 product configurations to fit your daily needs and budget

  • Digital Screen: CS Pola 600

    CS Pola 600 is a large LCD screen adaptable to all refraction rooms. You will appreciate its design and ergonomics, combined with its extensive personalisation possibilities.

  • Digital Screen: CS550

    HIGH QUALITY VISUAL ASSESSMENT Over 100 kinds of general and special charts. Optotypes randomisation and reversible tests for mirrored room. 2 types of progression available : A type or B type.

  • Eye-Ruler 2

    Eye-Ruler 2: The Most Compact Measurement Device

  • Fundus Camera: Retina 400

    Introduction With its wide field of vision and high resolution sensor, Retina 400 is the ideal solution for high-quality retinal imaging. It benefits from a software with automated operations, for faster and more effective analysis. This flexible and user-friendly non-mydriatic retinal camera can be adapted to all types of practice set-up and will ensure the…

  • Fundus camera: RETINA 550

    SMART TOOLS FOR ACCURATE SCREENING Combining wide field of vision, high-resolution sensor and assistive focus, Retina 550 offers the best compromise to quickly capture high- quality retinal images. Simply focus on region of interest one-handedly and use automated software for fast and more effective analysis.